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Scientific Programme Committee of the

                                      62  ISI WSC 2019

            Yves-Laurent Grize, Switzerland

            Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong, China
            Jessica Utts, USA

            Local Programme Committee Chair and Co-Chair
            Rozita Talha, Malaysia
            Ibrahim Mohamed, Malaysia

            Representatives of Associations
            Rolando Ocampo, Mexico (IAOS)
            Cynthia Clark , USA (IASS)
            Bruno de Sousa, Portugal (IASE)
            Sugnet Lubbe, South Africa  (IASC)
            Mark Podolskij, Denmark (BS)
            Beatriz Etchegaray Garcia, USA (ISBIS)
            Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Italy (TIES)

            At-Large Members
            Alexandra Schmidt, Canada/Brazil
            Tamanna Howlader, Bangladesh

            Institutional/Ex Officio
            Helen MacGillivray, ISI President, Australia
            Fabrizio Ruggeri, Past SPC Chair, Italy

            Liaison at ISI President’s Office
            Ada van Krimpen, ISI Director
            Shabani Mehta, ISI Associate Director

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