Page 4 - Contributed Paper Session (CPS) - Volume 4
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Published by:
               Department of Statistics Malaysia
               Block C6, Complex C
               Federal Government Administrative Centre
               62514 Putrajaya

               Central Bank of Malaysia
               Jalan Dato' Onn
               P.O. Box 10922
               50929 Kuala Lumpur

               Malaysia Institute of Statistics
               Department of Mathematical Sciences
               Faculty of Sciences and Technology
               43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor

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               Published in February 2020

               Copyright of individual papers resides with the authors.

               Suggested citation:
               Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). 2019. Proceeding of the 62  ISI World
               Statistics Congress 2019: Contributed Paper Session: Volume 4, 2019. 451 pages

               The views expressed in this proceeding are those of the author(s) of the respective
               paper  and  do  not  necessarily  represent  the  opinions  of  other  participants  of  the
               congress, nor the views or policy of the Department of Statistics Malaysia.
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