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                  The 62  International Statistical Institute World Statistics Congress (ISI WSC
                  2019) has a long tradition since 1887, held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur,
                  Malaysia on 18  to 23  August  2019.  ISI WSC  2019  is  a  global  gathering  of
                  statistical practitioners, professionals and experts from industries, academia
                  and  official  authorities  to  share  insights  in  the  development  of  statistical
                  The congress attracted an overwhelming number of participants across the
                  regions.  The  scientific  sessions  were  delivered  over  five  days  with  parallel
                  sessions and e-poster sessions running all day long. The scientific program
                  reaches across the breadth of our discipline that comprised of Invited Paper
                  Sessions (IPS), Special Topic Sessions (STS) and Contributed Paper Sessions
                  (CPS). Papers presented exhibit the vitality of statistics and data science in all
                  its manifestations.
                  I am very honoured to present the proceedings of ISI WSC 2019 to the authors
                  and delegates of the congress. The proceedings contain papers presented in
                  IPS, STS and CPS which were published in fourteen (14) volumes. Scientific
                  papers were received from August 2018 and were carefully reviewed over few
                  months by an external reviewer headed by Scientific Programme Committee
                  (SPC) and Local Programme Committee (LPC). I am pleased that the papers
                  received  cover  variety  of  topics  and  disciplines  from  across  the  world,
                  representing both developed and developing nations.
                  My utmost gratitude and appreciation with the expertise and dedication of all
                  the reviewers, SPC and LPC members for their contributions that helped to
                  make the scientific programme as outstanding as it has been.
                  Finally, I wish to acknowledge and extend my sincere thanks to the member
                  of  National  Organising  Committee  of  ISI  WSC  2019  from  Department  of
                  Statistics Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia Institute of Statistics and
                  International Statistical Institute for endless support, commitment and passion
                  in making the ISI WSC 2019 a great success and congress to be remembered.
                  I hope the proceedings will furnish the statistical science community around
                  the world with an outstanding reference guide.
                  Thank you.

                                                                     Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin
                                                              National Organising Committee
                                                                           62  ISI WSC 2019

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